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Departmental Expenditure Card

USCard now offers a quick and easy way to process departmental expenditures: the Departmental Expenditure Card. Designed to make paying for such things as banquets, printing services, and various other products easier and more convenient, the Departmental Expenditure Card eliminates paperwork and the time it takes to process it.

To obtain a Departmental Expenditure Card, complete the Departmental Expenditure Card Deposit Request Contract (the account number is assigned by the USCard Office after a request for the card is made).

USCard will email monthly transaction activity statements to the cardholder and Senior Business Officer associated with the account number used at the time the deposit is established. The university's receipt retention practices apply to the Departmental Expenditure Card and are identical to the requirements for the Procurement Card Program administered by the Disbursement Control Department within Financial and Business Services. Also, internal requisitions may not use a 5XXX-XXXX-XX account to fund deposits for prepaid accounts; and further, a deposit request for a unique card may not exceed $4,500 at a time. 

Send one departmental requisition for the spending limit you desire the card to have plus $5.00 for the cost of each card, to the USCard Customer Service Office in PSX (Parking Structure C) or email your contract & copy of the internal requisition.

On-line account management services are available including turning off a misplaced card and checking transactional history for the proceeding six month time period.

For additional information please contact the USCard Customer Service Office at (213) 740-8709.