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Electronic Key Access

USCard Services in partnership with other campus departments including DPS and Facilities Management offers seamless, integrated (security management) solutions for access control and alarm monitoring services.

Physical access points such as doors, gates, elevators are networked to the University's electronic access control platforms administered by USCard Services, DPS, and Facilities Management.

The locking hardware becomes electrified to respond to system commands. Requests to enter, card swipes, are actually queries of database information programmed onto local hardware. The requests and subsequent action such as releasing the lock occur in less than 1 second. Alarm monitoring is easy to integrate by installing contact points which are wired into and monitored by the same systems! Initial start-up costs often vary depending upon current door hardware and facility cabling and conduit issues. Operational cost is contained to monthly maintenance fees and communication charges for TCP/IP or dial-up connectivity.


To request more information or obtain a quote, contact USCard Services at 740-2044 or