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MiniWedge POS Terminal

Used as a cash register or Point of Sale (POS) device, the MiniWedge provides full product control, full cash accountability, full payment method flexibility and full reporting capabilities. The MiniWedge is a space-saving countertop card reader with a vertical continuous swipe-through style card slot.

The MiniWedge's rugged metal construction makes it tamper-resistant and enables it to withstand the abuse of high-traffic environments. It features a spill-resistant 28-key flush keypad, a 2-line, 20-character per line fuorescent display and detachable cords.
The keypad's 28 keys are user-definable based on time schedules. Seven separate keyboards can be configured and downloaded for use daily. Time periods can be defined to automatically change keyboards based on time of day and day of week. The MiniWedge supports up to 500 Price Look-Ups (PLUS).

PermaMemory provides protection against communications loss by storing up to 5,000 transactions in offline mode. The stored transactions are automatically uploaded when the reader returns online. In the event of a power loss, stored transactions, menus, configurations, and programs are retained in PermaMemory. When power is restored, the MiniWedge performs self-diagnostics and becomes fully operational in less than 30 seconds without operator intervention.

  • Easy replacement of user definable keyboard overlays
  • Automatic switchover of network downloaded keyboards
  • Support for single cash drawer, patron display and up to six additional accessories
  • Full product control
  • Full cash accountability
  • Full payment method flexibility
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Automatic PermaMemory
  • Optional bar code support
  • Patron display
  • Electronic scale
  • Cash drawer
  • Journal/receipt printer
  • Bar code scanner
  • Personal identification number (PIN) pad