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Activity Reader

An Activity Reader is an economical countertop card reader that provides simple and direct access to internal privileges such as meal plan deductions, legal age, voting, etc. It can serve as a stand alone unit or can be located near an existing cash register, allowing the cardholder debit convenience.

The reader's 20-key keyboard features five user-definable keys which can access a combination of five credit/debit or cash tendering methods.

With an ergononmically-designed, vertical, continuous swipe-through card slot, a 2-line, 20-character-per-line fluorescent display, the Activity Reader functions with minimal effort from the cashier. The reader features a spill-resistant keyboard overlay that can be easily removed to change the printed keyboard.

Once the cashier has swiped the cardholder's ID, the reader sends the transaction information to the Optim9000 System for processing. The transaction is processed in sub-second response time. Once processed, the appropriate information is sent back to the reader to complete the transaction and emit either a valid or invalid tone, alerting the cashier via the reader display, status of the transaction. The total transaction time is complete within seconds.

  • Up to five tenders/activities
  • Automatic PermaMemory
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Full activity accountability
  • Fast swipe-through card slot
  • ID card log-on by cashiers and managers
  • Two-line visual display
  • Offline storage of up to 2,500 transactions
  • Patron count reports