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iVIP Services

Welcome to the USC Experience!

As an IVIP, or also commonly called Sponsored Guest, at USC you may need to obtain an id. Once you have obtained your ten digit id number from your sponsor, you will want to either submit an image using our online image submission service or visit us in person at one of our Customer Service Centers.

By completing just a few items before you arrive, you will provide us with the opportunity to make your time at USC from arrival to departure a success!

Should you have additional questions contact us at (213) 740-8709 or via email at

Turn your USCard into a Prepaid Campus Debit Card

You might want the convenience of using your USCard for on campus purchases at our Bookstore, library, retail food service venues, concessions and vending machines. It’s easy to load any value you would like and obtain a refund of unused funds at the conclusion of your program. Have your USC ID number (Hint: 10 digit ID number) and credit card information handy. To load funds, visit

For additional services, such as access to facilities please contact your sponsor.

Getting Your ID Getting Your ID
A USC ID card should be carried at all times while on campus. Your USCard entitles you to various privileges & potential uses on & off campus. To order your USCard, click here.