Welcome to USCard

Your USCard is your university ID that allows you access to campus facilities, athletic and cultural events. It is also your on-campus wallet that lets you conveniently purchase food, goods and services.

Change or Purchase a Meal Plan

You may change or purchase a meal plan online.
Changes may result in a debit or credit to your student account.

Manage Your USCard

Students can manage their cards online or through our mobile app 24/7 to:

  • Load funds to card
  • Check balance and transaction history
  • Manage meal plans
  • View accepted locations
  • Freeze card if lost or stolen
  • Reactivate card if found

USCard App

Use your USCard app to check your balances, add funds, view accepted locations or to report your card lost or stolen.

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Did You Activate Your USCard?

Activate your USCard in 5 easy steps by clicking on the button below.